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The Greater Grace Church in Klaipeda started from prayer- just as had The Greater Grace World Outreach about 50 years ago in Maine, USA. A group from GGWO Baltimore started to pray for Word of God Revival in Lithuania. Though it is a predominantly Roman Catholic country, it is also a former Soviet Republic, and so many of its people have not heard or understood the Gospel.

In the fall of 1997, a team arrived to Klaipeda- American pastor Bill , Lithuanian-American Giedrius and Marvin from the Philippines. In the summer of ’98, the current pastor of the church came to join the team, Giedrius’ younger brother, Andrius. The Church by then had already grown to about 30 people. That summer, the church was officially registered, and in the fall the Klaipeda Bible Institute was begun.

As the church grew, various ministries grew as well- street evangelism, prayer meetings, Bible clubs and sports outreach for youth, missionary trips to Gargzdai, Kaunas, Liepoja and even Vilnius. An important part of church life were the trips to Greater Grace conferences to Budapest and Helsinki. Those were special times, too, when pastors of other Greater Grace churches came to visit the church in Klaipeda.

In 2003 Pastor Bill gradually handed over his duties to his disciple   and returned to Baltimore.

In 2005, after a long illness, GGWO founding Pastor Carl. H. Stevens was succeeded by Pastor Thomas Schaller. Pastor Schaller was unanimously elected by the elders after they had asked the congregation to indicate their preference. At this time, some Greater Grace pastors (numbering about 5% of GGWO pastors worldwide) decided to leave association with GGWO, including pastor in Klaipeda.

In August, 2007, The elders of GGWO Baltimore commissioned Andrius Valaitis to represent GGWO in Lithuania- so that there would be a provision for those who wanted to remain associated with GGWO. The purpose was not to go after revolving-door Christians, but like Jesus, to seek and save the lost.

» what we believe

» history of Greater Grace World outreach


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